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Duals and Variants in the GRE Quant Problems

Posted on 29 Nov 2014
TRY to Derive and Analyze the DUALS or the VARIANTs  of any GRE Quantitative Problems that you see. This makes you understand the Outlines of the GRE Quantitative Problems much Better.  For example, below is a problem to which you would fin

Circular problems in Quants for GRE

Posted on 10 Nov 2014
Continuing on our quest to help you master the circular problems in GRE, let us get down to couple of challenging questions Problem 1 In a set of three numbers, the average of first two numbers is 2, the average of the last two numbers is 3

Solving A GRE Quantitative Problem in Multiple-Paradigms

Posted on 09 Nov 2014
Here is an example of  GRE Quantitative Problem in Multiple-Paradigm though all of them look to a Single Technique Problem How many ounces of water must be added to a 30-ounce solution that is 40 percent alcohol to dilute the solution to 25